Monday, November 10, 2008

It Happens from Time to Time

You do not normally see this from me. I rarely, rarely sketch anything which might be recognizable to everyone. One day I was at my parents home and just wanted a pencil in my hand. I ended up doing this page. I know it is nothing for many of you, but I thought I would give you a rare glimpse into something you do not usually see for me. They are a bit tight don't you think?

I also thought you might enjoy this article. While this artist probably isn't really strapped for cash, it says a lot about our fiscal vulnerability, doesn't it?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was lovely here and I spent yesterday working on a painting which has been waiting on me for sometime. I look forward to visiting your blogs to see how things are going in your part of the world.

Do you have plans for a fun week?


Anonymous said...

Watch put Kim, you might have caught the drawing bug like me ;) You never know WHAT might happen next!
We have some original Bansky pictures still around the city on the side of buildings here in Bristol and I remember when each one was made and it did cheer up those parts of town that normally would be very depressing, so I'm all for it. But I do find it hilarious that people want to pay such high prices for it though!

Anonymous said...

Oops I meant to write "Watch OUT Kim!" Not 'put!!':)

sukipoet said...

Kim great to see a different side of yr creativity. My only comment though is you might drop the self criticism???!!! Glad you were able to get into the studio this weekend. Hurrah. That must have made you feel good.

I hope to bind a few books this week and also to continue on my well series. Cheers and happy Veteran's Day.

Andrea and Kim said...

Ha Ha Ha Jess! I don't know if that might ever be. I spent so much time drawing realistic in my early years I think I just burned out on it for anything serious now.

Ah, I knew you might have some personal input on this subject! I always enjoyed the public art there in the UK. We see a bit of that here, but nothing all that interesting in our area.

Okay, so I am off to visit blogs now.

Thanks Jess!

Andrea and Kim said...

Happy Veterans Day to You, Suki!

You make me smile! I suppose I am always the critic of my own things...comes from living with an engineer for so long! :) The funny thing is I never have felt the same creative surge with these kinds of drawings. Often I like to feel the pen or pencil move across the paper. When I am around other people I can't let myself go to get to that creative space inside, so this is what came out. It is interesting to observe.

You have a very busy week planned! I always love to see those beautiful books you create, so I am glad you will be creating more. Oh and the series...well, you know I love that!

Thanks Suki and have a wonderful day!

marianne said...

Ha ha sure is something else!
You can sketch!
I see all these sketches and drawings around all the time. It is not my thing but maybe I have to try also.......
What have I planned for this week...... I will go to Johannesburg on thursday and will return on monday.
2 more flights and I will have my winter holiday! I look forward to that but I will enjoy my last 2 trips, the last will be 48 hours in San Francisco.
Have a nice week!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Marianne,

Tee Hee! I did so much realistic drawing (forced) when I was doing interior design work I think I have rebelled with my painting. :)

Believe me, this does not come out of me very often and in reality, it isn't my thing, either. But it was here, so I thought why not...I can show you.

Oh, another trip to SA! Cool!

And San Francisco is my favorite US city! I love it so much there. Where is your favorite places to go? I will be thinking of you enjoying your 48 hours in SF! How much fun is that?

Thanks Marianne!

Dianne said...

Hi Kim, you mention you don't feel very creative when drawing in this manner - I feel the same way when I do realistic drawings. I feel in the space of maths and geometry, very left brain and not at all creative. Pick up your brush and slap on the paint!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Dianne,

How is the exhibit going? Are there lots of people through?

It is lovely you feel similar about realistic drawings. You are right, I also feel confined by these realistic sketches and drawings. I am so happy there are those who are fulfilled doing them because they do speak to many people. But I just do not get that complete feeling I get when I do more free flowing, abstract work. My brain truly relaxes then.

You are right, I am ready to pick up something with some paint on it! :)

Thanks Dianne!

~Babs said...

I love looking at sketches, and these are really nice ones. Proves that there is art, even in the mundane, as in rx and Tide bottles.
Naw,I don't really enjoy doing them either, as you probably guessed,,,but maybe I should do them more often,,,as it's surely good discipline.
Have run errands all day,,,but I DO have a 'social' week planned,,,which isn't a norm for me. Lunch/catching up with an old friend tomorrow,,,and on Thursday I'll see a special exhibit of American Impressionists at the Museum downtown.The Phillips collection. It should be really interesting,,,many artists,many paintings,one good friend,,,oh, and lunch first at my favorite Mexican cafe.
I'd hoped to paint a LOT this week,,,and I will get some done,,but have decided I need to get out more and do things before the really bad weather sets in. I tend to want to just hang out here at the house, and happy to do so,,,,living in my own world, haha,,,,but when I make the effort to go and meet friends and see things, I'm always glad I did.
I'll shut up now,,,such a loooooong comment!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

I also love looking at sketches and sometimes I think that is what encourages me to give them a shake, again. But when I start, I know why I do not do them. No satisfaction...I miss that internal rush! :)

Your week sounds like a lot of fun. Is the Phillips Collection there as in Phillips Oil? There is the Phillips Collection here in Washington, DC which is housed in the Duncan Phillips home who founded the collection. I love going there, too. They really bring together some excellent exhibits.

As you know I also love living in my own little world...all cozy and messy with paint. Sometimes, I enjoy going out and doing things like that depending on my companions.

I know you are going to have a great week, and I am eager to hear about all of your fun.

Thanks Babs... ps I love long comments!

~Babs said...

It's the Duncan Phillip collection,,,was here several years ago,and I missed it.
Also will re-visit the Chihuly exhibit, which I could see over & over & over again.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I dont know whats more fun. your drawings or the comments here.:))
One learns so much from the comments. Funny how some, like me, like realism and some like well... not realism. But it all adds spice to life. If everyone was the same then it would be so boring.
I have been having fun with the cakes I have been drawing. For some reason they have been calling to me to do and I thought I couldnt do them and ignored that calling. hmm that left brain side needs kicking in the rear. lol Once I got into them they just kept flowing.
Thanks for sharing the drawings.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs! Oh this is are going to love the exhibit and maybe we will get a peek on your blog?

And the Chihuly exhibit sounds wonderful. Another peek, maybe?

Thanks for helping me understand the exhibit. I guess my time in Oklahoma makes me think in different know mind kind of goes towards Bartlesville! :)

Andrea and Kim said...

Cris, you are so right! Realism is not for everyone and neither is abstraction or expressionism. I am very grateful for that as I think we probably push each other along in our own needs. I know for me, those who can sketch help me keep the noise out. That is where I have the problem with painting/drawing realism - I can't eliminate the noise in the grand scheme of things.

And I do adore your cakes. Draw them bigger, too! This just might be a new venue for you.

Thanks Cris and have a wonderful day!

marianne said...

Hi Kim
You have been tagged (sorry.....)
hug M

Andrea and Kim said...

Ha Ha Ha Marianne! I have never been tagged - now two times in one day!