Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

A very few items I will be using to prepare our meal.

In the United States tomorrow, we will be celebrating all the things we are grateful for in our lives. In my family, and in many American families, Thanksgiving is a very important holiday. One of the things I always feel grateful for are the many friends I have around the world. Thank you for being here to share with me and others.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!


~Babs said...

Hi Kim,
Lookin good,,,,I'll bet by now you're pretty much all set, and counting down.

I'll be baking pies and making deviled eggs this afternoon.
I'll also be doing my 'artistic' sweet potatoes.
Oranges, scooped out and filled with the sweet potatoe mixture, marshmallows added, and topped off with a cherry. Always a big hit. I don't care a lot for sweet potatoes, but I always enjoy making them,,,,,they're so pretty.

Happy Thanksgiving, Kim!

Katiejane said...

And same to you, my friend. We are smoking a turkey, BBQ ribs, and pulled pork in our smoker to take to my brother-in-law's house tomorrow. I also made cranberry/orange jello salad and chocolate/walnut fudge. My sister-in-law will provide the rest.

Wurzerl said...

Dear Kim,
we don 't know Thanksgiving day in this way like you celebrate it. But every year I see how important it is in your country.
So I hope you spend a wonderful day with your family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs!

Love those sweet potatoes. I bet they are a big! I don't think I will be doing those today or tomorrow! :) I can imagine there is one little boy who loves such a fun treat, too.

Well, I cooked one turkey today and another one in the morning...we like small ones. I also did green beans, cranberry conserve and my famous artichoke dip. Tomorrow I get all the other things going. Whew!

Happy Thanksgiving to You, Babs!

Andrea and Kim said...

Wow Kate...lots of meat! My mother is bringing some ham and I will make a tofurky for those of us who don't eat the bird or the pig. One of my sisters is in charge of desserts...better her than me. :) My daughter is not going to be in this year and she is our baker. :)

Have a Beautiful Day!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Wurzerl,

No, as far as I know mainly North Americans are the only ones who celebrate a Canada it is in October, though.

One of our favorite Thanksgivings was with a German couple and a dear English woman when we lived in England. They speak to us about it each year, too.

I wish for you a lovely weekend, Wurzerl. I will be visiting blogs very soon.

San said...

Looks like the start of an artful feast, Kim.

I am grateful for your friendship and I wish you and your family a joyous Thanksgiving.

marianne said...

Wow Kim, looks great!
We don´t have thanksgiving here and that´s a pity, I think it is a wonderful idea to celebrate all the things we are grateful for, people should think about that much more.......
The ingredients of your meal look delicious!
Hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

sukipoet said...

You have created a wonderful day for your family. Babs-those sweet potatoes sound great. So artisitic. Happy Thanksgiving to you Kim and your loved ones. Peace, Suki

Unknown said...

Happy thanksgiving, Kim, to you and your family!
This pictures is nice, all fresh things, rosmarin, and those berries, cranberries? We don't have those here, they look mouthwatering:)
You inspired me to make a littlepumpkin-potatoe soup last night, hurray

have a great day


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
As you probably know, we don't celebrate thanksgiving here in the UK, but let me join you in wishing you a happy thankgiving! It's a lovely idea and maybe we'll catch on to it over here eventually.(Trick or Treating has crossed the pond over the last few years!)x

Lesley said...

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Kim!

The food looks fabulous - so fresh and wholesome!

I too, wish that our culture would adopt Thanksgiving - it's such a wonderful, simple celebration. As we go into the hype of Christmas here, with all of the rampant consumerism that entails, I think a simple thanksgiving for all of the good things in life, whether we are christian or any other religion, is a wonderful thing.

Wishing peace, love and light for you and your family.


Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, San!

I can imagine you having a lovely day there with your dear family.

I am also grateful for your friendship and all of the lovely words and art you share.

Andrea and Kim said...

Thanks Marianne,

I have to say it is a very special holiday for Americans and for this family. We have so much to be grateful for, even when all seems lost.

As the world becomes smaller and we learn more about one another, we just may adapt similar traditions.

Hugs Marianne!

Andrea and Kim said...

Dear Suki,

I know you made this day special for your mother, brother and son, too. I thought about you today and hoped your mother enjoyed having her family around her.

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Suki!

Andrea and Kim said...

Ohh Andrea! Now that soup sounds wonderful...yummy!

Yes, cranberries...very similar to langdon (I don't think I am spelling that right) berries. Do you know those? I think I had them in Sweden. I try to go as fresh and as organic as I possibly can with the food. It truly makes the difference, I think.

Happy Thanksgiving, Andrea!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Jess,

You know some of our most memorable Thanksgivings were when we were in England. I have mentioned our neighbor who was an 84 year old widow without living children. She loved having Thanksgiving with us. She completely entertained us with her stories of England when she was a girl...and she could tell some whoppers, too! :)

You are right, you never know what might cross the pond...going either way. Although, I am not sure we will be seeing Bank Holidays anytime in the near future. :)

Hugs Jess!

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you, Les!

It truly is a beautiful holiday. Elizabeth says it is her favorite. It is a beautiful time to be grateful for so many things.

Peace and love to you and your beautiful family, Les!

Dianne said...

Dear Kim, hope you had a wonderful day yesterday with your family, your ingredients look very yummy and paintable! This Thanksgiving celebration is a wonderful idea, the rest of the world could do with this kind of celebration!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No bank holidays??? I'm shocked. Thankyou for sharing your thanksgiving table with us, I too am joining you in counting my blessings. :)x

Andrea and Kim said...

Thank you for your kind words, Dianne. We had a lovely and exhausting day here.

Maybe this will catch on. All it takes as one little spark!


Andrea and Kim said...

Tee Hee! Jess, we can be kind of odd over here. :)

I am sure you do a lot of blessing counting all year long, Jess! I think it is in the nature of many artists I have met.

Today, I hope to make a dent in my blog visiting.