Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Off Of The Brushes of Babes

Like many of you, I have wonderful friends from many different places in the world. One of my dear friends sent me this painting the other day.This painting has no title and I believe it is possibly watercolors on simple printer paper (cartridge paper). You can tell the painting has been done as a mirror image by folding down the middle of the paper. My friend is Vincent Brenker, and he lives in Itzehoe Germany (near Hamburg). Vincent is 4 years old. I adore these colors and how they have melded together.

I know many of you find inspiration in the work of other artists, but do you find inspiration in the art of children? Babs has shared some lovely work from her little grandson which is really wonderful, too. Do you think we have things to learn about art from children? I do.

I know I have neglected this and your blogs over the last week or so. I am now working to get back to you and going again. Mainly, my family has been my focus, although together we have been focused on a few extraneous issues here, too. I thank you all for being patient with me. I will get going again here before too long.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Very nice work and colors. and Yes I think we can learn from everyone. Children are so innocent and their brains are so active at that young age. We should always keep that childish innocence in our lives and our work. It would sure make life more fun and our Art more Free and not so forced.. :))

San said...

That looks like a highly accomplished Rorschach image, Kim. I see a pair of lungs. I see angels' wings. I see the faces of little devils. I could go on and on...

I too am most inspired by children's art. Yes, I have a couple of stacks of my own kids' drawings and paintings.

Little Vincent is quite a colorist and his imagery seems to come from a deep place.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris, I think the freedom of the brain is truly what we can learn from children...follow what comes naturally with art, not so much what you are told.

Thanks Cris

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San,

I bet you do have a lot of your children's work. Do you ever use it for inspiration for your own paintings? And Vincent is very similar to your children in that his mother is also an artist. He speaks German mostly but uses some English words along side his German.

Thanks for your insights.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, it's great to see you back, you've been missed! :)
I've watched my youngest daughter go from the confidence of toddler drawings to now more accomplished 11 year old drawings. Thank goodness she hasn't gone the route of so many chidren of this age who become self concious about their work not looking realistic. She loves the style of cartoons and astonishes me with her inventiveness. What I'm trying to say is, she just gets on and does it, without worrying!

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh Jess, this is great. I can imagine your daughter to be a great artist, too. Does she, by chance, have a blog, too? I know with school she is very busy, but you never know with these young people.

I am sure you feel great relief she is answering her own call in her art. And you are right, children do worry about realism, but sometimes I think that is drilled into them by teachers who do not know art.

Thanks so much, Jess, for sharing here. I always look forward to your insights.

~Babs said...

Ah, you know so well how inspired I am by children's art, Kim.
I'm currently finishing a large(er) collage that I went crazy on,,,trying to be free,,,loose, spontaneous. Like a kid. (having been watching Jack paint) I'm thinking it looks very child like, and I'm liking it. I may get it posted in a little while.
Or not. (smile)

Anonymous said...

I like to get young children's opinions of my paintings. They have such open imaginative minds.

Andrea and Kim said...

Yes, Babs, I do know for sure! I have proof of that on my desk! :)

Oh I do hope you show that collage very soon. You have me quite interested. I hope it is child-like - free and delightful.

Thanks Babs

Andrea and Kim said...

Oh true, that is a great idea Chewy. Often children will give me opinions, but you are now encouraging me to seek them!


sukipoet said...

Kim a lovely painting. How wonderful he loves color and paint. I find children endlessly inspiring in art and in life. I used to work with small children at day care and nursery school. Kids are amazing. I have an album full of my sons drawings too from when he was little.

Yes, I wish I could express such freedom of spirit and vision. Oh I did watch that video on Babs' blog, I think that was the Jack she refered to, and loved it so much. the big paper, the wild strokes. This is the freedom I seek.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki, I have to agree with you about the inspiration of children. They are truly amazing and if we could only find that core again.

I didn't know you worked with children. That takes amazing energy and they do provide you with endless creativity.

Jack is Bab's grandson...he is tiny.

Thanks Suki

Anonymous said...

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Andrea and Kim said...

BE WARNED...this is a business site only.

...since this is not an offensive message, I will leave it. If you will please identify yourself as a person it would be appreciated.

sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. I came back to tell you that during the Big Draw month Dylan, the 4 year old son of Belle Enchanted, participated in the big draw with him mom. His drawings were representational, and rather intricate at times in their details. They also drew a couple of pictures together. I found Dylan's enthusiasm and talent so inspirtional.

Dianne said...

Hi Kim, have just figured out how to send follow-up comments, my reply to your comment on my blog is:
Thanks so much for your input. You are right, your husband and children come before all else. My beloved children have grown up and now live in a different hemisphere (UK). It is strange, but good to be just a couple again. My husband and I are the best of friends.
I felt the loss of my children acutely, I used to walk into their empty rooms and feel such a sense of emptiness. My whole self image had to readjust, I was no longer a “mum” in the true sense of the word – my children are now adults with their own lives to lead. They cannot now be my first priority; I would drive them nuts with interfering. I had to learn to step back from them and create a new path for myself. We artists are so lucky; we can divert our passion into our creative endeavours.
I am now absolutely fine, I have gone through this transition which I think every mother on the planet goes through. It is a new era for me.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki,

Thank you so much for telling me about BE's son. I will be visiting her blog to see the work they have been doing. I think it is just fantastic they have been working together and have this same interest.

You are always full of the greatest information.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Dianne,

Thank you for letting me know you responded to my comment. I have also replied to this beautiful response over at your delightful blog.

I have also added you to my blog list, and hopefully that is okay with you.

marianne said...

I love the art of children!
And yes we can learn from their art as we can from anything else from them.
I believe we have to learn from children instead of the other way around.

hug >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

I bet you have some lovely art from your children, Marianne. You are right children have so much to teach us, but we have to be open to all they bring. I completely agree with you about learning from our children rather than them learning from us...that has truly been my experience.

Thanks Marianne!

fiona long said...

Ooh! It's great isn't it? I think we have alot to learn from children in art. Their joy, freedom and experimentation. It takes a lot of work to un-learn what we have learned since we were that age don't you think?

I hope that all is well with you and your's Kim!

Andrea and Kim said...

Fiona, I knew you would see a lot in this. We stand in total agreement about the "joy, freedom and experimentation" of children's art.

It does take a lot of work to unlearn some of those barriers put in place throughout or lives. But don't you think once we learn how to do that, it is well worth it?

All is well here, Fiona!