Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Call Me Tagged

I had never been tagged until yesterday when I was tagged twice! Both tags have the same rules, which are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. List seven (7) unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag seven (7) other bloggers at the end of the post and comment on their blogs to let them know.

The first person to tag me was Jess. So here are the seven unusual things for her tag:

1. I was born 50 years ago in Biloxi, Mississippi as a military brat and raised in Virginia as a farmer's daughter.

2. I am a terrible housekeeper.

3. When I take on a project I become obsessed with the details, and the project consumes me.

4. Blue is not my favorite color - purple has that distinction.

5. I have moved 27 times in my life.

6. I love Birkenstocks and boots!

7. I tutor an interior design course through a school in England.

And these are the seven unusual things for Marianne, who was my second tagger. She thought I was kidding when I asked if I had to give 14 unusual items. Here you go Marianne:

1. I am a pescetarian (pescevegetarian or piscetarian) which means I would be a vegetarian if I did not consume fish.

2. I am a worrier (especially about children, human abuse and the environment).

3. My sensitivity level goes way over the top of normal. :)

4. My children have been my greatest teachers.

5. I have a facebook page.

6. My husband and I have owned 9 houses in 6 different states in the last 25 years (we rented two houses when we lived in England).

7. I considered majoring in Biology at one point when I was a teenager (like that would have worked out).

Now, I am supposed to tag seven other people (no, I am not going for 14 there since I have to leave some room for some other people).


Everyone have fun!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Kim :)
We're almost the same age!(nearly 49) I found it interesting about where you grew up... and 27 moves!!!! Wow, it makes my 17 look like I've stayed still. I share the worrying and the sensitivity with you, maybe it comes with being an artistic type? I enjoyed reading your list, thankyou Kim!x

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Jess, You know this was kind of fun. You had said introspective and that is a very good word. I told my son I had to come up with some unusual things about myself to share. He said, "Well, that should not be a problem!" LOL

You know, I thought maybe you and I were close to the same age, but if I remember a photo of you correctly you look a lot younger! :) It is interesting where and how I grew would never guess that from my personality. I am very different from the rest of my family. All that moving around comes from being the oldest of young parents, being a military brat for some years, college, early jobs, then marrying a man who is a corporate engineer on projects. But you know what? I love it! This life has provided me with experiences beyond my wildest dreams.

Maybe you are right about the worrying and sensitivity. I think naturally if you are sensitive, then you will worry and art does take a great deal of sensitivity.

I am glad you enjoyed it, Jess. I think this is really fun, and we do get to know our friends a bit better. It is kind of funny feeling sharing things you normally do not, though.

Hugs, Jess!

San said...

Kim, I relate to your moving, although I don't believe I'm near 27 times. When we bought our current house, I did a tally of years spent at various addresses and realized I'd lived the longest period in one place (8 years) when I was a child. I thought, hey I'd like to live in this house longer than that, and yes, I've made good on that thought.

Just made a quick list of addresses. Looks like I've been at 21 addresses, although that does include various addresses in the same state, sometimes in the same city, if that counts.

Your former biology plans I find interesting and not at odds with being an artist. Many of us have various urges at different times and creative pursuits seem to be a way of focusing those urges.

Thanks for the tag. (I guess.)


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi San,

There have been times when I thought this house is the one where we will stay a long time, but that has not worked out so far. My guess is my husband is going to have to retire before that can happen. And same city, same state works just fine - a move is a move and no matter what it can be difficult. The longest I have ever lived in one place is 9 years, and that is where my parents currently live.

I clearly know biology would never have worked out in the long run. I am glad I found that out early, too. The chemistry would have gotten me and fast!

Thanks San, and you are very welcome for the tag...I am very eager to read your list as it is always over the top interesting to read your posts.

Have a Beautiful Day!

~Babs said...

Now give,,,,with the Facebook thing, lol!

I'm gonna have to really think about this 'unusual' thing,,,,I feel I am pretty ordinary at this point in my life. Maybe I'll have to dig around in my past lives to hit on unusual. Lots of material there,,,is that cheating?

Dianne said...

Oh Kim, what a great way to see behind the artist! Your worrier/sensitivity thing is a trait shared by many of us, probably goes hand in hand with creativity. I once took anti-depressants for 3 months, during a difficult time in my life; and had to stop - it took away my sensitivity, I didn't feel like the same person and I couldnt paint.
Now I must think about my list!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Babs,

Sure go ahead and take a look at your past lives...that makes a real difference in who you are now, right? :) I am sure you can come up with seven things.

Serious, facebook...I keep up with some of the same people here and there!

Here is a Hug for inspiration of the unusual in your life, Babs!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Dianne,

You know I think I can understand just what you mean. I cry easily and people are always concerned they have made me cry, but in reality I honestly do not mind crying. Of course I really hate feeling sad or hurt, but I find it also to be a great relief. So I think sensitivity and worry does come naturally to creative types - in a sense, we need it. I worry about things I can't change, because if I could change them I would do it. And don't you think this is all wrapped up in intuition, too?

I love this conversation...

Thanks Dianne, I can't wait for your list!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is fun reading. I feel I am getting to know you better thru these and the comments. These add a 'face' to you, so to speak. :)) Now for me, hmmmm.. Unusual...I will have to think about this. I think I lead an uninteresting life quite frankly, but I will think about it a bit.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Cris, I am so glad you think this is fun. Well, a sort of a face, anyway. :) I am not much for putting myself on the web (I think it is that private side of me...of which I am intensely so).

For you, I bet you have some really fun things to share. I don't imagine you being uninteresting at all. I bet you have quite a few things lurking around there.

I am eager to read your list! :)


Anonymous said...

Mom! I didn't know you wanted to be a biology major! You even surprised me. :)


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Honey,

I suppose it is not something I freely admit all that often. I think Dad knew, though. :)

Well, I suppose I still have a few surprises in me.


sukipoet said...

Hi Kim. What fun to read your fourteen things and to read the comments too. I had to laugh that there was a new aspect of you for your daughter! So fun. You have moved so much, but I know you say yuou like it. I am so interested too that you say you cry a lot. I never cry and would like to feel free to cry. I think it is a lovely thing to do. Marianne tagged me also though I havent done the list yet. It is fun, eh? Take care Suki

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Suki!

Yes, that Marianne left me with no choice but to tag 7 people. I saw you were on her list and Andrea was on the list Jess made. I didn't think you all would want me to tag you again knowing I knew you were already tagged! It is great fun, too.

Well, that E. can really generate some things...and causes spontaneous laughter a lot. :)

I do like the moving as it is always such a great adventure. I also have to say I am quite spoiled as my husband's company make it as easy as they possibly can (as they should).

Many emotions can move me to tears. To this day, I can cry because I miss my grandmother who died 44 years ago. I have to be very careful about what I watch on TV - even commercials. I could watch my young children open Christmas gifts and be moved to tears by their joy. So I don't mind crying and it comes so easily. When Babs shared on her blog about painting with her little grandson, I cried reading her post. I don't know any emotion which has not moved me to tears. Thank you Suki for understanding it really is lovely and freeing. You should try it...

Hugs Sweet Suki!

~Babs said...

We know we're doin' somethin' right
when we can still *dazzle* the kids!

~~Waving at Elizabeth ~~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag Kim. Sorry I haven't had much time to follow memes these days. I have a FaceBook page too. It's the way my brother and cousins share photos and stuff.

Andrea and Kim said...

Tee Hee, Babs!

I am not sure how much I dazzle her, but you know it puffs me up for her to comment.


Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Chewy!

We all have time crunches and I had a feeling you were up to your eyeballs. Well, at least the tag will give you a post sometime, right?

That is cool about facebook. If you want to friends me, please feel free.


soulbrush said...

hi i came over via marianne's blog and like your stuff a lot, i am also a hubby forces me to eat fish, but i'd prefer not to....will be back.

marianne said...

Hi Kim,
Very interesting all these facts Kim!
We have a lot in common .
I just moved to another room and here I can use the laptop on my desk! Wonderful!
What is a facebook?
You sure moved around al lot! I love my house so I won't move untill my kids are going to study.
I use to cry a lot but I have changed............I think I have created a shield around me, otherwise I can t deal with things.
I don't like housekeeping either, I rather do nice things, but I like a clean house too so that's difficult.
It was nice getting to know you a bit more! Thanks

love >M<

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Soulbrush,

It is lovely to have you visit and to leave a comment. I eat fish about once a week or so, and that is about it. I have to agree with you, though no one is forcing me to eat it. I also have to say it helps me travel internationally a lot easier. I am also very, very careful about which fish I do eat...wild caught, not on the endangered species list, etc.

I look forward to your return and will be visiting your blog very soon.

Welcome Soulbrush!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Marianne,

Yes, we sure seem to have a lot in common...I also have red highlights in my hair! LOL

Yippee! I think it is annoying when you can't use your computer where you wish in your hotel room.

Facebook is a social networking site. I use it as another layer for getting people to see my art. I also talk to some of my family there. It also has special interest groups, so you can join or create groups. I will send you an email.

You know, I have to put that shield around me from time to time, but I also have to have a space where I can let it fall away. I remember being younger at my parents home, where it was not acceptable to cry, and at night just needing the release and crying and crying. I try not to let that happen to me any longer.

It is difficult when you like a clean house, but do not like to clean. That is me exactly.

I enjoyed getting to know you more too, Marianne. This was great fun.

Have a good trip and be safe!